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This is my 200th blog post. Two-hundred. I know. Tomorrow is my fourth anniversary. FOUR YEARS! I know! Where-oh-where does time go? How is it possible that tomorrow is my final class of the semester? How is it possible that … Continue reading

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I am being mocked for my commitment to finishing nablopomo right now. Bri says she supports me and told me to write about it. My secret? I’m pretty sure she was making fun of me. Ew, I smell really bad. … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo continues

Dear Diary, It’s the sixth anniversary of the day Louis and I started dating for reals. Our fourth wedding anniversary is in three weeks. Things are certainly different, but still very fantastic. So there you go. There is so much … Continue reading

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Photographic Points of Note, volume 2

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this week’s edition of photographic points of note. First, from Vegas: This is a wine list from a restaurant we went to at the Wynn. That’s a $24,000 bottle of wine, which is perhaps the … Continue reading

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If you’re not into whining, may I suggest …. nevermind read this

Louis, just now (after scrubbing the bathroom): “The only thing I could find to scrub out the sink… er, wait, what do you call that thing you bathe in?” Then I laughed and laughed and laughed until I squeaked and … Continue reading

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