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Attention, Louis. Since AT&T prefers to not deliver my text messages to you in a timely fashion.

I have nothing interesting to add to the Internet tonight. Dear Louis, In case you read this before the text message that I sent you (rather than walking downstairs to tell you in person), will you please turn off the … Continue reading

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I worked at Starbucks when they started the registering your Starbucks card thing, and so I did. I even had it on auto-reload for about a year as a way of budgeting how much I could spend there per month. … Continue reading

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I think it’s important that I write at least two blogs in February, right?

What does one even say after not blogging for nearly a month? Despite a four and a half day weekend, followed by a snow day, still silence? A week without facebook, even? I’m sorry, blog. I’ve neglected you. Please forgive … Continue reading

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Things not to tell your pregnant wife

If you are in any kind of delicate condition, I do not recommend reading the words in this blog. Ooh and aah at the picture, by all means, but don’t read it. Google image “rupert the deer,” but do not … Continue reading

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A misguided ethicist

I just read an article on npr that discusses some of the issues surrounding “megamultiple” births. You can read it here by clicking on this blue text here. It’s actually pretty short, so do it. I happen to not be … Continue reading

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for.

So, you could say I haven’t been entirely honest around here. Mostly, I’ve coped by not blogging at all, because it’s easier than trying to say things like “I’ve been great!” or “Nothing interesting happening around here,” both of which … Continue reading

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I have nothing to tell you people. It’s snowing, even though no snow was forecasted for today. I should have learned by now that weather reports mean nothing. I’m working on an assessment, and the kiddo displays coping skills never … Continue reading

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You’d be amazed by the number of opportunities for that’s what she said jokes while hanging a curtain rod.

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Growing up, my mom drove just as much as my dad, including when the whole family went somewhere. My mom really likes to drive, and my dad had to drive all over the place for work, so everyone won that … Continue reading

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This is my 200th blog post. Two-hundred. I know. Tomorrow is my fourth anniversary. FOUR YEARS! I know! Where-oh-where does time go? How is it possible that tomorrow is my final class of the semester? How is it possible that … Continue reading

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