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uh-oh! First, it was our anniversary, which everyone knows means that you don’t have to blog. Then, I was throwing up, which, well, ditto. Someone vomits on your repeatedly, it naturally follows that you will likewise need to vomit repeatedly. … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo Means Cop-Outs

It’s not against the rules, even if it’s less fun. When you wear your hood on, I know you’re depressed.

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That’s all I got.

Being puked on by your child without even remotely considering setting the sad creature down is, I think, the final frontier to adulthood. We’re all grown up now.

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To all drivers everywhere

Your turn signal tells me that you’re going to brake. Not the other way around. Duh. Dumb.

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It’s Christmas!

We got our tree tonight (and for free! One of my stepdad’s friends has a tree lot this year and wanted to give Soren a tree), and I managed to eek out enough working sections of light strings to make … Continue reading

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I just used a new chocolate chip cookie recipe, and it has definitely earned the place of default cookie recipe in my life. I’ve seen the recipe on a few food blogs, and my interest was immediately piqued, because whole … Continue reading

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Bonus snowsuit video

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Video, round two.

Don’t disappoint me, WordPress! (ok, it totally did the first time, but youtube always comes through)

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Like whoa

S L E E . P E E . T I M E .

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I should clarify: blogger rarely let me successfully upload pictures, either. I actually much prefer the picture uploader in wordpress to blogger’s, if both worked. WordPress actually even worked at first, which leads me to believe that something has gotten … Continue reading

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