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December’s another chance, right? I only work half of it, and I’ll be in town the entire time. That’s promising, right? The real question: do I commit right now, hard core, and vow to blog every day in December? Or … Continue reading

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well, shoot

Damn it, NaBloPoMo! Why you gotta be like this? I’m tired. It’s Antarcticanian cold here. I’m exercising restraint and not raising the thermostat (and instead tumbling the fleece sheets in the dryer- is that really an improvement in the energy … Continue reading

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Would you like to hear about a dumb thing that I did?

The school district in town has a very, very long-standing position of not paying interns. Ever. Half or more of the school psychologists currently employed in the district did their internships for free and are perhaps still a little bitter … Continue reading

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Oh, and the drawstring to my sweatshirt’s hood

I don’t know why people bother buying baby toys. Today, Soren’s favorite playthings were the boxes my new Tarte makeup came in, a pink highlighter, and the little, red Built camera case. Mostly the strap/ribbon thing. Soren’s least favorite thing … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I found a long, blond hair on Soren. Today, probably ten times I had to pull one out of his drooly grasp. Perhaps not significant to most, losing the stray hair, but it’s not something I’ve done in nearly … Continue reading

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and isn’t it ironic, don’tcha think?

Rather than sending out birth announcements this week and then Christmas cards a week later, we’re writing festively on the back of the birth announcements. Having a newborn slows things down, I’m learning: so much for getting the birth announcements … Continue reading

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sick day

I suppose I still have to blog today. Meh. Unlike yesterday, where he alternated sleeping for a long time with smiling at us, Soren has been cranky and very, very awake all day. He’s also been pooping a lot, which … Continue reading

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the saddest sad that was ever sad

Poor little baby Soren has a cold. His nose is all snuffly and runny, he keeps coughing and sneezing (and the cutest, saddest coughs and sneezes you’ve ever heard), and one of his eyes is all puffy, red, and weepy … Continue reading

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This one comes with a contest

When did patriotism become a Christian virtue? No, I’m serious; this totally baffles me. If you have a genuine answer to that question, like what part of the Bible mandates it, I’d like to hear. Louis sings through his old … Continue reading

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The school counselor whom I’m interning with was sick today. I was up and dressed with my mom on her way to babysit, though, so I went to Java with Louis to get some homework done. The door at Java … Continue reading

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