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Let’s try a little stream of consciousness blogging, shall we?

This old thing? Soren says, “Bess you!” When you sneeze. Or when he sneezes. Any kind of sneezes, doesn’t matter who. Soren tries to write his name, and he can kind of write S. Sometimes. He definitely recognizes his name, … Continue reading

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(Not Actually) Quickly!

Earlier, Soren wanted bubbles, so I made a batch of bubbles. “I bow bubble!” He said. Then he blew his first successful bubble. Our church teaches from Baby Wise. Let me say that again: OUR CHURCH TEACHES FROM BABY WISE. … Continue reading

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I think it’s important that I write at least two blogs in February, right?

What does one even say after not blogging for nearly a month? Despite a four and a half day weekend, followed by a snow day, still silence? A week without facebook, even? I’m sorry, blog. I’ve neglected you. Please forgive … Continue reading

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But seriously, do not babywise your children

‘Babywise’ Linked to Babies’ Dehydration, Failure to Thrive (oh, just another well-written article on why Baby Wise is the worst thing that ever happened ever except for maybe the Holocaust). There are a bunch of additional links at the bottom … Continue reading

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“Due dates” are just very rough estimates

Mothering magazine just published an extensive article on the rise of Caesarean deliveries. One statistic it notes is that 47% of labors in 2005 in the US were induced (here is a good little link on induced labor). Almost fifty … Continue reading

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15 Months, alternately titled: Triumphant!

Soren had his 15 month well-child checkup on Tuesday morning. He weighs 27 lbs, 10 oz (85th percentile), is 33 inches long (93rd percentile), and his head circumference is still hanging on to the 30th percentile. Our pediatrician, the one … Continue reading

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damn straight.

So, cloth diapers. Let’s talk about them. My current stash is 15 BRAND NEW BumGenius 3.0s (we’ll talk about the brand new part in a second), 2 velcro deficient BumGenius 3.0s, 2 BumGenius organic all-in-ones (called Elemental now), and 2 … Continue reading

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All I can think of for titles are lines from Soren’s books, but only Louis would get it.

Soren has entered the whirlwind phase of his existence. The busiest little boy I’ve ever seen, he swoops from room to room dragging things in and out, emptying drawers, scattering bits of anything, shredding paper, eating inedible objects, pulling things … Continue reading

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Sleepy, suh-leepy, sleep sleep.

Would you like to know how it’s going on the sleep training front? INCREDIBLY is how it’s going. I’m a bit nervous that I’ll jinx something by posting about it, but The No Cry Sleep Solution is solving all of … Continue reading

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Nursing Babies

I just read a really excellent article on the benefits of “extended breastfeeding” (nursing past a year). At Soren’s 9 month well-child check up, his pediatrician told us that breastmilk loses its nutritional benefit after a year. The way he … Continue reading

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