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I think it’s important that I write at least two blogs in February, right?

What does one even say after not blogging for nearly a month? Despite a four and a half day weekend, followed by a snow day, still silence? A week without facebook, even? I’m sorry, blog. I’ve neglected you. Please forgive … Continue reading

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Watch that. Then read this. Then stop buying bottled water and donate that money to get clean water for people who actually don’t have access to it. After you use your first ten bucks to buy a reusable bottle. Ok, … Continue reading

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400th Post! Celebrate!

I’ve discovered that Waste Your Life television is good for the gym. All of the machines at the facility to which we belong (the one with the super awesome googling department) have televisions with CABLE! on them, and TLC is … Continue reading

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Louis and I began our quest for a new church yesterday. The reasons for our being in this position are complicated and have been explained to the interested parties, so I’ll skip them. Anyway, we attended my dad’s church yesterday … Continue reading

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The school counselor whom I’m interning with was sick today. I was up and dressed with my mom on her way to babysit, though, so I went to Java with Louis to get some homework done. The door at Java … Continue reading

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A Fresh Perspective

I’ve never been a huge fan of showers. I have a great deal of respect for cleanliness and being put-together, but the process of showering just seems so inconvenient and damp and hassle-y. I do it pretty much every day, … Continue reading

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In which I make it very clear that I am a judgmental and generally unlikeable sort of person

Our neighbors, a forty-something childless (edit: Louis says that he at least has a grown daughter) couple who are having a hard time giving up 1985, have a lot of vehicles. You may remember them from THEIR STUPID LITTLE DOG … Continue reading

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Observations while living at the lake

I have a very strong affection for quail. Cutest. Bird. Ever. Sometimes, adolescence doesn’t go away. I have more things in common with my dad than I realized. The sunset looks prettier here. Wiggly babies are less nice to hold … Continue reading

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I now smell suspiciously like baby

I was holding my nearly six week old nephew a little bit ago while his two and a half year old sister unabashedly made it clear she all but worships Uncle Louis. I still refer to her as “baby,” and … Continue reading

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I didn’t set out to become a parent in 2009, and I think my adjustment to the reality of becoming so has been different than others’ because of that. Something like half of all pregnancies are unplanned, and I realize … Continue reading

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