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A study in compromise.

This – for – this. It’s very simple, really.

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It’s Christmas!

We got our tree tonight (and for free! One of my stepdad’s friends has a tree lot this year and wanted to give Soren a tree), and I managed to eek out enough working sections of light strings to make … Continue reading

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Look at the baby!

Sometimes, Soren eats spaghetti.

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Something I ran across in my NCE studies

B.F. Skinner, known mostly for his research into operant conditioning, invented something called an Air Crib. He lived in one of those God-forsaken northern states known for months and months of blizzards and cold and dry and snow and woe, … Continue reading

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Cop Out Blog

Here, look at the baby.

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NaBloPoMo, Conclusion of Version

I decorated our Christmas tree tonight. Soren was, tragically and heart-rendingly, unimpressed (for me; he was more like “meh.”). I thought baby + sparkly, twinkly, lighted, colorful, smelly-good novel thing = unrelenting delight and a full month of entertainment. Nope. … Continue reading

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Soren says…

Happy Thanksgiving! He’s thankful for his lizard towel.

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The wee-est beginnings of mobility.

Yesterday, Soren rolled from his tummy to his back. Three times. I pushed his arms down by his sides after that, leaving him baffled and stuck, though he still tried for another encore for a good five minutes. About a … Continue reading

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My kid will totally beat you up.

After he finishes his round of golf.

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picture day

When we went on Big Kid Vacation back in May, I finally decided that Soren was the right name for our baby. Jakob had long been determined to be his middle name, but I just hadn’t been able to commit … Continue reading

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