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I heard someone interviewed on npr a few days ago who said she was going to vote straight republican ticket simply because she said it was time for a change in Washington. The way she said it implied that the … Continue reading

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defining terms

Hypocrisy isn’t when you tell someone not to do something you did and regret; it’s when you tell someone not to do something you are actively doing. Duh. What’s his face who was having an affair with a man while … Continue reading

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This one’s going to be a rant.

I should be completing the assembly of my portfolio right now, as it’s due in a matter of hours, but I need to get this out in order to clear my mind. So, I’m seeing a lot of comments on … Continue reading

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Louis and I began our quest for a new church yesterday. The reasons for our being in this position are complicated and have been explained to the interested parties, so I’ll skip them. Anyway, we attended my dad’s church yesterday … Continue reading

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Oh, grow up.

In the United States of America, we use the democratic process to elect our leaders. This means that at any given time, close to half of the population (or more, since voting isn’t taken nearly as seriously as it ought … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court, however, IS essing around.

I know some of you enjoy my periodic rants about things that make me crazy with rage. This is going to be one of those rants, so you who fall into that category can begin rejoicing right about now. First, … Continue reading

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Torture. So, we now find that America engaged in it in the last few years, which is horrible and tragic. I don’t feel like looking up citations, but I think it’s pretty clear that lines between what is ok under … Continue reading

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Not about nausea

Most delusional American award goes to Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Seriously, man, get a grip. Everyone is laughing at you.

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Good News

I just read that the man Barack Obama nominated to chair the DNC is pro-life! That’s exciting. His name is Tim Kaine, and he’s currently the Governor of Illinois. He is Catholic, and was actually a Jesuit missionary before going … Continue reading

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Take me to the moon

Alright, I’d like to talk about NASA. Specifically, about NASA and the budget cuts that have seemingly struck every other government agency. In Spokane county alone, forty (40!) already overworked CPS (Child Protective Services) case workers were fired and the … Continue reading

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