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“Due dates” are just very rough estimates

Mothering magazine just published an extensive article on the rise of Caesarean deliveries. One statistic it notes is that 47% of labors in 2005 in the US were induced (here is a good little link on induced labor). Almost fifty … Continue reading

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400th Post! Celebrate!

I’ve discovered that Waste Your Life television is good for the gym. All of the machines at the facility to which we belong (the one with the super awesome googling department) have televisions with CABLE! on them, and TLC is … Continue reading

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One year ago today, a little white stick showed two blue lines and flipped my world on its backside. Two white sticks, actually. Best surprise of my life.

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Yesterday, I found a long, blond hair on Soren. Today, probably ten times I had to pull one out of his drooly grasp. Perhaps not significant to most, losing the stray hair, but it’s not something I’ve done in nearly … Continue reading

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win win win!

Today, I drank a carbonated beverage (a clementine Izze, of course), and did not endure mind-numbingly painful heartburn for the next six hours. It was incredible. I am not pregnant. Today, I wore my apron with the tie tied behind … Continue reading

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picture day

When we went on Big Kid Vacation back in May, I finally decided that Soren was the right name for our baby. Jakob had long been determined to be his middle name, but I just hadn’t been able to commit … Continue reading

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I’ve thought up a lot of things to write about lately, but my mind goes blank every time I sit down with the chance to type two-handed. I’ve also thought about something to write a few times just to realize … Continue reading

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Let me begin by saying that I never thought I’d be a yeller/screamer/crier/groaner during my delivery. When I said I had tried everything to start labor, I meant that I was willing and able to try. Louis and I don’t … Continue reading

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No, seriously.

This entire pregnancy has been one great big lesson that OLD WIVES’ TALES ARE CRAP. If they had any basis in reality, this baby would definitely have been a girl. If they had ANY actual reason for existing, I would … Continue reading

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The baby has enough amniotic fluid to last through nuclear winter. Along with non-stress tests (NST) every 72 hours, we’ll get to check that weekly with an ultrasound until he gets his wee bottom out into the world. Because she … Continue reading

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