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PSA: what is your brain/life worth?

Would you say forty, fifty dollars? Then you should own a carbon monoxide detector. We came home after nine days traveling for Thanksgiving to our carbon monoxide detector alarming. My mom had been here a few hours prior to turn … Continue reading

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A good idea

There’s a whole, wide world out there that I’ve just discovered: Couponing. Not clipping coupons, which I’ve done religiously for years. Capital C Couponing. This world is hardcore about coupons and bargains and FREE STUFFS. I like that about it. … Continue reading

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This one’s going to be a rant.

I should be completing the assembly of my portfolio right now, as it’s due in a matter of hours, but I need to get this out in order to clear my mind. So, I’m seeing a lot of comments on … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement

The first time we took Soren to California at the ripe old age of 2 1/2 weeks, I looked for a few items on Craigslist to keep down there. Toting, say, a pack-n-play back and forth seemed excessive. One of … Continue reading

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Peer Pressure

My mom asked me the other day if she should get “one of those myspace or facebooks?” I said no, please, please no. I have facebook for communicating with my friends of similar ages, particularly those who live in other … Continue reading

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Another day, another Public Service Announcement. Do not click on that link that Louis emailed you or posted to your facebook wall. Well, unless you just like Rick Astley videos.

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And now for everyone else

This is another public service announcement that all of you can use. Bathe. Use deodorant. Cologne? Even if it’s the weekend. ESPECIALLY if you plan on going out in public and, say, seeing the new Bond movie on opening weekend. … Continue reading

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A fate worse than death

This is a public service announcement particularly for my friends who are girls. If you get queasy about that sort of thing, maybe reading this post isn’t for you. I know I’ve had conversations with some of you about hating … Continue reading

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