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I feel sad

One of my nostrils is all sniffly and runny. The other is not, but it bleeds intensely when I so much as gently blow my nose, even just the one side that needs it (because no one can really just … Continue reading

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uh-oh! First, it was our anniversary, which everyone knows means that you don’t have to blog. Then, I was throwing up, which, well, ditto. Someone vomits on your repeatedly, it naturally follows that you will likewise need to vomit repeatedly. … Continue reading

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That’s all I got.

Being puked on by your child without even remotely considering setting the sad creature down is, I think, the final frontier to adulthood. We’re all grown up now.

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This is a fourteen year-old McDonald’s hamburger. That’s bad for you. Don’t eat there.

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This one’s going to be a rant.

I should be completing the assembly of my portfolio right now, as it’s due in a matter of hours, but I need to get this out in order to clear my mind. So, I’m seeing a lot of comments on … Continue reading

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What would you like to know? Yesterday, after sleeping 12 hours the night before, I needed a two-hour nap to recover from a one-hour walk. Sharing blood and oxygen with another person is hard work. Tomorrow is 14 weeks, and … Continue reading

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A fate worse than death

This is a public service announcement particularly for my friends who are girls. If you get queasy about that sort of thing, maybe reading this post isn’t for you. I know I’ve had conversations with some of you about hating … Continue reading

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