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Toddler acquisition of language is absolutely phenomenal. About a month ago, Soren was moving from 3-4 to 4-5 word utterances. Now, he’s saying compound sentences as a part of entire paragraphs of thoughts. His ability to communicate what he sees … Continue reading

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Toddlers make your laptop sticky.

Given all of the things I’ve NOT blogged about in the past months, it’s hard to see anything recent as worthy of blog space. Maybe the answer is that I should kill my blog? Let’s be serious, that’s not going … Continue reading

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Perhaps you’ve heard that two year olds have tantrums sometimes? HOLY HOT DAMN. Yes. Yes they do.

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Let’s try a little stream of consciousness blogging, shall we?

This old thing? Soren says, “Bess you!” When you sneeze. Or when he sneezes. Any kind of sneezes, doesn’t matter who. Soren tries to write his name, and he can kind of write S. Sometimes. He definitely recognizes his name, … Continue reading

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But it’s true!

I’m sorry if you were under the impression that [other, non-Soren child] is the nicest child of all. You are incorrect. Soren is nicer than all of the other childs. I’ve spent a lot of time with him, and I’ve … Continue reading

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A & Q

A: YES. Q: Did Soren sleep 11 straight hours last night? A: Almost certainly not. Q: Will he do it again tonight? Or, you know, ever? A: Glorious. Q: How did it feel? A: He’s slept straight through until morning … Continue reading

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(Not Actually) Quickly!

Earlier, Soren wanted bubbles, so I made a batch of bubbles. “I bow bubble!” He said. Then he blew his first successful bubble. Our church teaches from Baby Wise. Let me say that again: OUR CHURCH TEACHES FROM BABY WISE. … Continue reading

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Growing up so fast!

I kid you not, less than five minutes after I published that last blog, Soren woke up and had a horrendous night. Horrible. And you wonder why I’m superstitious. It actually kicked off the worst several weeks of co-sleeping that … Continue reading

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I haven’t written about Soren’s sleep patterns in a long while, mostly because I’m unreasonably (by default) superstitious, and I didn’t want to jinx anything. He’s been in a holding pattern for many months now, though, even through four molars … Continue reading

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Cawt! Cawt! Meeee-owwww. Cawt!

Today is rainy and dreary and gray and blah. Soren is having an Eating Day (in contrast to Not Eating Day), and also a Will You REALLY Give Me a Timeout if I Touch This? Day. I like the first … Continue reading

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