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Toddler acquisition of language is absolutely phenomenal. About a month ago, Soren was moving from 3-4 to 4-5 word utterances. Now, he’s saying compound sentences as a part of entire paragraphs of thoughts. His ability to communicate what he sees … Continue reading

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Ch- Ch- Ch- Chia! I mean, Cheater.

I cheated ONCE in my educational career, and it is an event burned into my memory for all of time. I was sitting on my right knee, seated across from Mallory J., who everyone knew was the smartest kid in … Continue reading

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The sun’ll come out Tomorrow! Wait, what was that? TOMORROW.

THE BABY IS DUE TOMORROW. This is the part where I lose my shit all over the place. Commence losing of shit. THE BABY IS DUE TOMORROW. Even Tylenol PM hasn’t been able to get me to sleep well the … Continue reading

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Torture. So, we now find that America engaged in it in the last few years, which is horrible and tragic. I don’t feel like looking up citations, but I think it’s pretty clear that lines between what is ok under … Continue reading

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One of the scariest things I have ever done

I saw this article on just now, and felt a tingle up my spine. Once upon a time, when shenanigans with Louis and his roommates were common, we took a night-time-trip to San Pedro and explored old Fort MacArthur. … Continue reading

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