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I worked at Starbucks when they started the registering your Starbucks card thing, and so I did. I even had it on auto-reload for about a year as a way of budgeting how much I could spend there per month. … Continue reading

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PSA: what is your brain/life worth?

Would you say forty, fifty dollars? Then you should own a carbon monoxide detector. We came home after nine days traveling for Thanksgiving to our carbon monoxide detector alarming. My mom had been here a few hours prior to turn … Continue reading

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picture day

When we went on Big Kid Vacation back in May, I finally decided that Soren was the right name for our baby. Jakob had long been determined to be his middle name, but I just hadn’t been able to commit … Continue reading

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I’ve thought up a lot of things to write about lately, but my mind goes blank every time I sit down with the chance to type two-handed. I’ve also thought about something to write a few times just to realize … Continue reading

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A new experience and a warning. Unnecessary saga edition.

Jenny dropped us off at Santa Ana Airport this morning after our San Diego/Whittier whirlwind adventure. Because we had flown in on Alaska, I assumed we were flying OUT on Alaska. Not the case, and the woman at the counter … Continue reading

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The first week of my second trimester, I felt great. However, every time to that point that I had a good, non-pukey day and told someone about it, I’d end up spending the next wishing I were dead as I … Continue reading

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