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Another thing

Pinterest has also helped me to realize that all of my future vacations should be to tropical or otherwise warm-beached locales. Give me a warm beach and some blue waters, ya know?

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A thing I hate

When bloggers have those stupid cartoon themselves on their blogs. Like so: And this: Yech.

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Let’s try a little stream of consciousness blogging, shall we?

This old thing? Soren says, “Bess you!” When you sneeze. Or when he sneezes. Any kind of sneezes, doesn’t matter who. Soren tries to write his name, and he can kind of write S. Sometimes. He definitely recognizes his name, … Continue reading

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Pee Pee, also: HALP (could also be titled “therapy session notes” if you were a counselor)

We bought Soren a Bjorn potty chair a few months ago. It’s red, awesome, and Soren pretty much loves it. We also bought him the book Potty by Leslie Patricelli, who writes the most precious and adorable of all children’s … Continue reading

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Just wrote a post and it is gone. All gone. Soren is tired and cranky and wants to be cuddled, and I don’t want to re-do it. Can someone tell me why this did not publish yesterday when I hit … Continue reading

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Idea! Good idea!

This is a good idea! And this is really funny!

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So New! So Improved!

Unless you read in an RSS feed (that is, soullessly), you may have noticed a few changes round here. Because I blog soo much, Louis bought me my own domain name! And then I switched to WordPress! Well, Louis switched … Continue reading

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This is a public scolding of Avent for making terrible nursing pads, and of myself for being cheap enough to buy them, betraying the faithful Johnson’s nursing pads that have served me well for only pennies more. And! For only … Continue reading

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Full Term.

Today marks 37 weeks of pregnancy, and the point at which the baby is considered full term. If he were born today, he wouldn’t be considered premature (assuming our dates are precisely correct, which they probably aren’t). That means I … Continue reading

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no good.

To clarify, I in no way think what I wrote in my last blog is unique to the United States. See Crisis in the Operating Room.

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