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Cawt! Cawt! Meeee-owwww. Cawt!

Today is rainy and dreary and gray and blah. Soren is having an Eating Day (in contrast to Not Eating Day), and also a Will You REALLY Give Me a Timeout if I Touch This? Day. I like the first … Continue reading

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So exhausted

To put it somewhat mildly, it’s been a dramatic couple of weeks in our district. I worked 8 hours just on Saturday and Sunday, for example, and I should be doing a file review rather than typing this. I also … Continue reading

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A study in compromise.

This – for – this. It’s very simple, really.

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Soren has learned several new words in the past few days, including ‘uh-oh,’ ‘snow,’ and ‘night-night.’ We really like the Camry we rented for our drive; rental cars are like extended test drives for cars we’re considering for future purchase. … Continue reading

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Halfway to NaBloPoMo Victory!

I hardly care about any of you anymore, let alone NaBloPoMo. Blah. It’s supposed to snow on Saturday.

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well, shoot

Damn it, NaBloPoMo! Why you gotta be like this? I’m tired. It’s Antarcticanian cold here. I’m exercising restraint and not raising the thermostat (and instead tumbling the fleece sheets in the dryer- is that really an improvement in the energy … Continue reading

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The school counselor whom I’m interning with was sick today. I was up and dressed with my mom on her way to babysit, though, so I went to Java with Louis to get some homework done. The door at Java … Continue reading

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This weekend has been one of my favorite events of the year in Coeur d’Alene, Art on the Green. Though my mom certainly is more devoted than I and spends most of the open hours down there, I try to … Continue reading

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Regret, I haz it.

What the hell possessed me to leave southern California? WHY? It’s 61 degrees and sunny there right now. It’s 32 and snowing with wind gusts here. The snow we received in DECEMBER is still on the ground. I could be … Continue reading

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Photographic Points of Note, FAIL

I started this blog this morning, and then tried all day to upload pictures to it. Blogger is not having it. I’m not happy with Blogger at this particular juncture. But, all of the pictures were going to be of … Continue reading

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