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I feel sad

One of my nostrils is all sniffly and runny. The other is not, but it bleeds intensely when I so much as gently blow my nose, even just the one side that needs it (because no one can really just … Continue reading

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Halfway to NaBloPoMo Victory!

I hardly care about any of you anymore, let alone NaBloPoMo. Blah. It’s supposed to snow on Saturday.

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well, shoot

Damn it, NaBloPoMo! Why you gotta be like this? I’m tired. It’s Antarcticanian cold here. I’m exercising restraint and not raising the thermostat (and instead tumbling the fleece sheets in the dryer- is that really an improvement in the energy … Continue reading

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Bringing Soren home was a nice little excuse to do something I have always wanted to do: turn the thermostat up and leave it there. Mmm, so nice. I mean, it’s not toasty in here by any stretch of the … Continue reading

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Photographic Points of Note, FAIL

I started this blog this morning, and then tried all day to upload pictures to it. Blogger is not having it. I’m not happy with Blogger at this particular juncture. But, all of the pictures were going to be of … Continue reading

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I had expected to write a blog yesterday in order to wish you a Merry Christmas, but it obviously did not happen

My brother has a new girlfriend. A girlfriend of six days with whom he shared family holiday celebrations. I KNOW. He dated each of the last two girls for three years each or something, but I’ve never seen him like … Continue reading

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Today’s Weather Blog.

This may come as a surprise to you all, so you may want to sit down. Are you ready? It is still snowing. Fortunately, it kind of settles between storms, so the actual depth hasn’t changed too dramatically since our … Continue reading

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Laughing maniacally

Yesterday morning when I got up, it had obviously just started snowing. The ground has been covered in an inch of solid ice for about a week, too, which is fun. It’s really, really cold, so the snow is weightless … Continue reading

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stream of consciousness

Cold. So cold. Really damn cold. Hypothermia! Controlled slide. Slidingslidingslidingohcrap. Ok. Cold. Frigid. Arctic, even. How is it possible to be simultaneously this cold and alive? The e-brake can help me turn. Cold. Do I have fingers anymore? I don’t … Continue reading

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Can we talk for a second about these glasses?

Tom Daschle, what is this about? Is this a cry for attention? You were just chosen to serve as Secretary of Health and Human Services, but all I can think about is your weird-ass glasses. I mean, seriously. Moving on, … Continue reading

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