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The first week of my second trimester, I felt great. However, every time to that point that I had a good, non-pukey day and told someone about it, I’d end up spending the next wishing I were dead as I … Continue reading

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Today, I spent three hours in what can only be described as a stand-off with a four-year-old. THREE HOURS. He spilled some of his cereal and milk on the floor and refused to clean it up. Even when he missed … Continue reading

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It’s natural.

I’ve been trying to fight my natural inclination to procrastinate with the assessment I’m writing for work. My plan has always been to spread it out evenly over the alloted four weeks. Alas, very little of the actual writing has … Continue reading

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Yesterday, two of my co-workers went to visit the kiddo who was in the accident. They said he was alert (and is giving thumbs up/down in response to yes/no questions). However, he isn’t using the left side of his body … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo continues

Dear Diary, It’s the sixth anniversary of the day Louis and I started dating for reals. Our fourth wedding anniversary is in three weeks. Things are certainly different, but still very fantastic. So there you go. There is so much … Continue reading

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A few things

I wish this picture were truer to life. This soup looks like a berry smoothie, and it is delightful. It’s beet and carrot and curry and some other soupy things boiled together and then blended into a magenta puree. Even … Continue reading

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Applied Behavior Analysis

The thing about the kind of therapy I do is that I can’t just place the blame on things out of my control when my kiddos mess up. Sometimes that’s a factor, but the point of ABA is that you … Continue reading

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Notes from elementary school

(my kiddo) “LINDSEY! I’m really excited for someone I don’t even know!” “Oh? Whom?” “Our new President: Barack Obama!” “Aw, good, buddy. I’m excited, too!” —- (fourth grader marching around the playground before school) “NO TO OBAMA! NO TO OBAMA!” … Continue reading

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Because few things are as scintillating as a list of what someone did today

Good start. Ew, bad coffee. Was told to shut up. Principal informed that I never help, and I just sit and drink my coffee whilst laughing at the pain of others who are working hard. AHAHAHAHA. Restrain. Safe Room. One … Continue reading

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Today when I asked Colby if he dislikes Sarah Palin, he wagged his tail. I think his message is clear.

This is actually about work, not my dog. No matter how “easy” a restraint is, I’m always sore the next day. Yesterday, the kiddo said he wanted to stay in the restraint and didn’t fight at all, and my back … Continue reading

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