Maybe it’s because we’re watching an actually engaging movie while I’m trying to write a Risk Assessment? Good Will Hunting makes me actually want to pay attention, unlike The Lake House.

It’s almost unreal how much I don’t want to summarize any more reports and interviews and file reviews. And there’s just so much good information that I’m afraid to leave anything out! And how to be sufficiently succinct, yet still completely informative? What if I come to a conclusion that I haven’t supported, just because I was trying to produce a shorter report? What if I ruin everything and am the worst school psychologist of all time ever ever ever?

Ok, I doubt that’s ever going to happen; I’m self-aware enough to know that I’m not totally hopeless. Welp.

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Cawt! Cawt! Meeee-owwww. Cawt!

Today is rainy and dreary and gray and blah. Soren is having an Eating Day (in contrast to Not Eating Day), and also a Will You REALLY Give Me a Timeout if I Touch This? Day. I like the first part better than the second. Understandably. It’s supposed to be my day off, but I’ve been reading and working on reports, and I’m pretty sure Soren’s naughtiness is all in an attempt to win my attention by any means necessary. Speaking of…

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So exhausted

To put it somewhat mildly, it’s been a dramatic couple of weeks in our district. I worked 8 hours just on Saturday and Sunday, for example, and I should be doing a file review rather than typing this. I also managed to go for two bike rides, work in the garden for two hours, go to breakfast with just Louis, take two walks, sleep in both days (thanks to Friday night church! woo!), and attend a particularly intense yoga class this weekend. My crocuses are blooming and the snow is almost gone! Three months from today is the last day of school! There is hope.

Back at work, today I had to stop by my house to pick up the bottle of Tums as I drove madly between my buildings. My jaw aches from gritting my teeth with a mix of nervousness and stress for the past 96 hours or so. My head is kind of pounding. Did I mention that Soren hardly let me sleep last night? Though, it’s hardly his fault that I was only in bed for a few hours, and those happened to be the few hours he is in bed with us. If this goes on another couple of nights, spring break will be the formal end of shared sleep for that little one. Poor little one. He’s just so darned snuggly! And grabby. And whiney. Babies get too many teeth, you know?

Anyway, I’m going to go do that file review so I can go to bed. Then work on my day off tomorrow. Aw, man. This will be the most earned spring break of my LIFE (a week and a half, a week and a half…). I love my job, and I mean that I really LOVE my job, but yow, I need a break. A languorous, delicious, sunny, summer break.

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Be warned

Citi card rewards (like, credit card rewards, or “rewards,” from Citi) are horrible. We’re playing around with various ways that we could use a couple of free hotel nights we have from our Hyatt card, so we looked up plane tickets on Citi’s reward program. The discount amount? TWELVE DOLLARS. Excuse me, $12.50. And it costs us that many of our accrued points. Of which we have thousands. We will never, ever, in all our days be able to use our Citi points, because they are crappity crap crap. If you must get a credit card, and must get a Citi card, do not do so because of the reward points. Twelve dollars off of a $600 ticket. Seriously, you dumbs.

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A Love Letter (written on February 3rd, WORDPRESS)

Dear Fleet Foxes,

I’m so glad you were all born. It is wonderful that your parents permitted/encouraged your musical aspirations, and if they didn’t, way to do what you love anyway. I hope you love it, I should say. Either way, keep doing what you’re doing.


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I think it’s important that I write at least two blogs in February, right?

What does one even say after not blogging for nearly a month? Despite a four and a half day weekend, followed by a snow day, still silence? A week without facebook, even? I’m sorry, blog. I’ve neglected you. Please forgive me. (Though, I would like the record to say that I wrote a blog in the beginning of February that DID NOT PUBLISH. For shame, WordPress; I trusted you. And that makes this absence even MORE severe, so now I’m a little embarrassed.)

How about I tell you what Soren has been up to?

Soren has been climbing onto chairs as frequently as possible. He enjoys sitting at the piano (on the bench, naturally), and playing the keys delicately, alternately turning the pages of whatever music book is open.

Soren loves sitting on the potty and puuuushing with all his might, though still without success. Hey, it was his idea! I’m not silly enough to attempt to potty train a 17 month old boy. He saw a little girl (“Bay-bee!”) sitting on a potty on the cover of a potty-training book, he ran excitedly into the bathroom and insisted that we give him a chance. He loves going potty and he loooves flushing and HOT DAMN he loves washing his hands. Hey, I love my cloth diapers (and part of me is a little sad at the thought of giving those, and onesies, up), but who doesn’t like the idea of potty training their kid?

We’ve been doing a lot of coloring these days. I put his crayons and paper into a shallow box, in order to contain the mess. We left them out, and he, unfortunately, exercised his blossoming creativity all over the fireplace screen. Whoops. That’s how you learn, right? Tonight he discovered stickers (though I’ve used post-its to distract him for some time now), and they were a big hit. HUGE hit.

Will he sit and read a book to himself for minutes and minutes at a time? You bet he will. He’s particularly enamored recently of sitting on his little rocker with a book, though getting in while holding a book can be a bit of an ordeal. It’s pretty much adorable.

Soren loves the snow, especially making snowballs and then eating them. Soren loves bubbles, and everything that is round is called a bubble. We’ve suddenly realized that he knows a whole bunch of animal noises, even if they aren’t the, ah, traditional sounds. It worked for Arrested Development, right? A Co-Ca-Co-Ca-Co-Ca, anyone?

My parents, unbeknownst to Louis and I, have been working on teaching Soren the signs for please and thank you (leave it to grandparents). And he knows them! And uses them! Independently! What a champ.

Mostly, we are completely and totally amazed every day by the fact that we didn’t even know this tiny creature two years ago. To think that we had a family without him!

And he’s so gigantic! Sometimes, while I’m snuggling him, I look down at his legs and and arms sprawled everywhere and almost to my knees and I can’t believe that he managed to fit in my belly less than a year and a half ago.

He runs! He jumps! He dances! He laughs and shrieks and chatters and sings almost constantly. Sneezing is the funniest thing in the world, and he’s just! so! HAPPY for you if you get to sneeze, too! Twice, he turned himself in a somersault, but we haven’t been able to get him to repeat that trick.

Soren loves to walk himself and he loves to help, so I’ve been having him carry something when we go places. His total commitment to carrying whatever that thing may be is precious. He’s less committed to holding my hand during those times, but we’re working on it. It’s mostly just that he would prefer to RUN everywhere, and mama just walks. I mean, I walk fast compared to most people (though, not quite Katie Reeves, because, hello, I don’t break physics when I walk), but I don’t RUN, and SOREN WANTS TO RUN. Tonight, I had to grab something at Safeway, so I brought him along and had him carry the (reusable, duh) grocery sack around the store, and he was so very focused on doing a good job at it. Despite trying to dash off twice and having to be captured by his hood, he even waited mostly patiently for the two customers ahead of us in line!

He won’t say Soren, but if you ask him to, he points to himself and says, “Bay-bee!” He said mama all the time, and it is the nicest word of all of the words. And there are a lot of words. Soooo many words, many that haven’t even been identified and catalogued yet (by the Keepers of English, I mean, not just Louis and Lindsey, though probably some of those, too).

Ahem, anyway, I like him, and I happen to think that he’s the finest specimen of baby yet born.

A little off topic, perhaps, but did you know that SPLENDA now comes with a gram of fiber in each packet? SPLENDA. With fiber. Yogurt and cottage cheese and who knows what else now comes with fiber in it. Do you know what else comes with fiber? FRUIT. Vegetables. WHOLE GRAINS. Basically, the foods on most levels of the mighty food pyramid. You do not need to get one measly, pathetic gram of fiber from Splenda (SPLENDA, for goodness’ sake!), if you are eating what even remotely resembles a balanced diet. Buy a box of tangerines (so cheap and juicy!) and call it a day. Seriously, Americans. Not ok.

I mean, that was hardly even off topic.

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16 Months.

Why don’t I tell you what Soren has been up to.

He got all four of his molars over my Christmas break. FUN! Not fun, but now he can chew all sorts of tasty (and also inedible) things.

When we sit down to dinner to pray, he now reaches out his hands to grab ours, and at the end when we say ‘amen,’ he sometimes lifts his head and gasps. CUUUTE. So cute.

He’s begun nodding and shaking his head in response to us. Wowowow. Cute, yet, annoying! I expect this will be a trend as he continues to grow and learn to do progressively more complex things.

The time-outs continue, though rarely, still. He is very intentional during the times he is naughty, and those are the times he gets time-outs. I think he’s maybe had one or two (20 second) time-outs in the past week. We reserve the right to spank him at some later date, but I, at least, do not currently plan on doing so.

He has learned to knock on doors. Super cute, except when accompanied by screaming whenever I go into the bathroom. Soren is adamant that he always accompany me into the bathroom. I figure this will stop by, oh, 4th grade. I know that in 8 years (and hopefully more like 2 years), this will no longer happen. I can survive 8 years.

There are so many things! Which to choose?

Soren no longer cries or fusses when it’s time to go to Sunday School or play care at the gym. He’s not thrilled that we’re leaving and he’s delighted when we return, but it’s nice to walk away without his wee cries behind us. So many fun toys!

His run is so bouncy and cute! We occupy him when we are busy by sending him back and forth between us with jobs to do: “Take this [random thing at hand] to dada!”

Soren can feed himself impressively well now. It’s very nice. And then he likes to dump out his bowl and toss it on the floor. Eh, it’s something.

He is so busy and so happy and so funny and so enjoyable. 16 months is a lot of fun, and also quite exhausting. I like him.

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Bam! Bam! Bam!

Just another article on cry-it-out. Mmm.

I’m not sure why I’m suddenly so into reading about this stuff. Sorry for rarely stopping in to say hello other than rubbing in something that you probably get by now, if you’re still around.

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I feel sad

One of my nostrils is all sniffly and runny.

The other is not, but it bleeds intensely when I so much as gently blow my nose, even just the one side that needs it (because no one can really just blow one side of his or her nose).

What to do?

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But seriously, do not babywise your children

‘Babywise’ Linked to Babies’ Dehydration, Failure to Thrive (oh, just another well-written article on why Baby Wise is the worst thing that ever happened ever except for maybe the Holocaust).

There are a bunch of additional links at the bottom that are really good, too. Gary Ezzo is a hack and a liar; God Himself will deal with that horrible man who has spent his career leading Christians and parents astray. And me, for writing terribly awkward sentences condemning others.

Update: And here is a super interesting article on cue feeding, and really the science behind breastfeeding in general. And I mean interesting if you’re interested even remotely by things like babies and nursing and life. Oh, life.

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